Rumman Academy is an Institute in Amman, Jordan dedicated to the mastery of Classical Fus-ha Arabic.

The State of the Ummah

The Muslim Ummah has gone through rough times in the past and periods of great ignorance. But the past couple of centuries have been the worst yet. In particular, knowledge of Islam has taken a huge drop. Likewise, Classical Arabic has quickly gone from being the lingua franca of the Arab and Muslim world to being all but entirely forgotten.

Amongst Arabs, Classical Arabic has been pushed aside to the reign of local dialects (‘Amiyyah) and the languages of the recent colonialists. Thousands and thousands of words were changed from Classical Arabic to their English or French counterparts. Now, the vast majority of native Arabs have very poor understanding of Classic ‘Fus-ha’ Arabic. Each generation knows less and less than the subsequent one.

Is not knowing classical Arabic such a bad thing?

The language of Islam is Classical Arabic. This is the language of the Quran, Hadith and Salah. When Muslims don’t understand Classical Arabic they are cut off from understanding the primary sources of their religion and cut off from the rich history of Islamic Scholarship.

When this connection is cut a lot of harm follows. Wrong Fatwas are given and followed. Anyone can push whatever opinion they want on Islam. The practice of Islam becomes little more than some cultural events. Outward motions devoid of soul and spirit. Blind following not grounded in intellectual understanding and deep reflection.

And what happens next is obvious. Muslims lose their faith.

The Solution

The Islamic Civilization has the richest intellectual history in all the major fields of knowledge, religious and otherwise. To match that, the Islamic Civilization has brought forth some of the greatest achievements in the various arts. When Muslims followed the guidance of the Quran Allah granted them ‘Hasanatan fid dunya wa Hasanatan fil aakhirah’ good in this world and good in the afterlife.

Reclaiming that glory will happen when Muslims return to understanding the Quran and re-establish their common language. The same language that was spoken by the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Change your Life

Meet the Masters

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It’s time to see results in your Arabic learning! Complete Beginner or Near Complete Beginner? In just 2 Intense months go from crawling to walking in Arabic: understanding, speaking, reading, writing and mastering the most useful vocabulary. Don’t have 2 months? Take our 1 Month Crash Course and you’ll be speaking Arabic on topics of day to day life and participating in full conversation in 4 short weeks.

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Complete Immersion

Serious language students who want to learn a language efficiently seek complete immersion. This offers them 2 essential benefits: the opportunity to practice their target language in many different circumstances and to spend many hours beyond class time interacting with the target language.

Amman, Jordan offers a number of particular benefits that aren’t offered elsewhere. Amman is safe and stable. A low crime rate and good infrastructure also make Amman a better choice than other Arab countries. Jordan also holds a high international reputation for its excellent health standards and training. For these reasons is sought out as a destination for both healthcare and tourism.


The speed of life is fast and many students don’t have time to waste. For this reason, our program at Rumman Academy was designed to be Intensive. 3 hours a day and 6 days a week. Each Session lasts only about 8 ½ weeks, but means tremendous gains in a student’s abilities.

Along with that, the program was meticulously designed to take account for every minute of class time. Homework was also carefully considered to take only a few hours a day. Through a careful focus on efficiency students learn quickly without grueling hours of class attendance.

Classical Arabic Instruction

At Rumman Academy we’ve committed to teaching Classical Fus-ha Arabic exclusively. There are many other centers where students can learn MSA or ‘Amiyya, but we’ve specialized. Our commitment to Classical Arabic doesn’t end there, though. We have made it our goal to continuously improve Arabic instruction itself. We want to change numbers on the Ummah Scale so we’ll need to streamline teaching Classical Arabic as much as possible.

I know the way Rumman works, I will be able to achieve my goal here.Student
The Academy is serious about helping students achieve their goal of understanding Islamic texts and Arabic in general.Student

Full Fledged Fluency

Fluency is a difficult issue for language acquisition since it’s so hard to define objectively. In the early stages of designing our program 2 things related to fluency made all the difference. The first was to be the first program to commit to making the program goal Full Fledged Fluency.

The second thing that made all the difference was realizing that we needed a way to measure fluency. We thus broke Arabic fluency down and determined the 7 Macro Skills of learning Arabic. These 7 Skills are: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary. There isn’t another Arabic center in the world that recognizes and teaches for these 7 Skills in their program. For this lack of deep insight, many programs only teach 2-3 skills. Through testing for these Skills we are capable of determining a student’s exact level in Arabic. Through designing the program to build these Skills we are capable of getting the results we have committed to.

We don’t need more programs that graduate students to a level of general comprehension of Arabic. We need programs that can teach non-Arabs Classical Arabic to a stage of mastery. Well enough that if they willed they could become teachers of it and benefit others. When committed students of Arabic can become teachers it will mark the end of an era. They can return to their communities and offer instruction that was never before available. This is how we’ll change the numbers in the Ummah. This is how we’ll change the world.

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